Strange Phenomenon Finds That People Search Harder For Relationships During Winter Season

by Paul Morris
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It might sound strange, but it turns out that a lot of people hate being single way more in the winter than they do during the brighter summer months!

Known as “cuffing season,” this odd dating fact finds that people who aren’t even that keen on their current significant other were more likely to stay with that person simply because they didn’t want to be alone during the winter! Some people even stay with the partners throughout the winter with the goal of breaking up with them once the weather gets warmer!

The research was commissioned by elite dating app Luxy and found three in ten daters have stayed with someone at some point purely because they didn’t want to be single.

A spokesman for Luxy said: “From where we meet someone to our personal circumstances or even the time of the year as these results suggest, when looking for a partner it’s clear that there are a number of outside factors influencing who we date and why. Sometimes this leads us to making connections that might not necessarily be the best match but that seem to work at the time because we don’t want to be alone, whether it’s down to cuffing season or other needs.”

The research has prompted several dating apps to commemorate Cuffing season at this special time of year. In honor of the trend a special cuffing season gift has been launched for users to send with a ‘cuff me’ request.

For more information, please check out Luxy’s website.

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