Woman Buys Plain $15 Storage Unit, Then Freaks Out When Appraiser Tells Her It’s Worth $20,000

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Sometimes the things that are most valuable in life are things we could never imagine.

One woman who values craftsmanship found out that a storage unit she got at an auction is worth an insane amount of money.

A 1950s Herman Miller Furniture storage unit was up for auction, and she had an inkling it was an Eames Storage Unit, designed by Charles and Ray Eames. She’d gone to the auction for a neighboring fellow artist. She wound up paying just $15 for it.

She decided to find out what the unit was worth, as she expected it was around roughly $800 based on the designer. She brought it down to Antiques Roadshow in Fort Worth, TX, just to find out.

Appraiser Peter Loughrey took a good look at the unit, confirming its authenticity from 1950, and sure enough it was the real deal.

But it wasn’t worth $800. In fact, he estimated it was worth about $20,000. As expected, she freaked out when the big reveal was made.

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