Thief Snatches Puppy In Broad Daylight One Week Before Strangers Find Her Abandoned Near Park

by Mauricio Castillo
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A thief stole Zoe, one Colorado family’s 7-month-old shih tzu, right off her front yard. A week later, she found herself back at home, but her journey remained shrouded in mystery.

According to KDVR Denver, Yoann Hispa was working from home when — unbeknownst to him — thieves pulled up to his house.

Security cameras captured a man walking up to Zoe in the front yard and snatching her. “I started chasing the guys in the car, and I lost them,” Yoann said to KDVR.

The family mounted a search for Zoe. The security camera footage was shown to various media outlets and quickly went viral, as reported by CBS Denver.

Yoann credited that viral footage as the reason why, just one week later, he received the call his family had been yearning for.

Yoann rushed to a park to find Zoe with a young man and his sister — strangers he’d never met before. CBS asked Yoann if he thought the two had been in on the theft.

“No, no,” he replied. “They were passing by and helping, and they saw Zoe crossing the street, and [she] almost got run over.” According to CBS, Yoann offered them a $1,000 reward, but they refused.

Yoann believed the thieves let Zoe go when they realized how much attention their video was getting. Unfortunately, Zoe returned home sick, and medical bills began to mount for Zoe’s veterinary treatment.

The family set up a GoFundMe page for donations, which you can visit here.

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Photos: CBS Denver

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