Thief Returns Stolen Puppy After Security Footage Of Him Luring The Dog Away Ends Up On The News

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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One family in Phoenix knew exactly what happened to their beloved dog after he went missing — but they didn’t know how they could get him back.

Bruno, the 9-month-old pup had disappeared from his own front yard.

From running off and hiding because they’re scared, to being taken by a cruel thief, there are a few possibilities for a dog going missing. But either way, not knowing how a missing pet disappeared is often the hardest part.

Yet in Bruno’s case, a security camera revealed exactly what had gone down.

In the video below, you can see that a man walks past the house and takes note of a few dogs in front. He appears to have some kind of food or treat in his hand, which he uses to lure the dogs in as he keeps walking.

The dogs follow the man with the food, and it’s little Bruno who leaves with him.

After Bruno was taken, a local news station jumped on the story, hoping someone might recognize the man from the security footage.

No one reached out about who the man was — but Bruno was returned back to his home soon after the news story aired. Thankfully, he is safe and sound at home now, and the local news station says there may have been a “misunderstanding” surrounding his taking.

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Thumbnail photos and footage provided by: KNXV Phoenix

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