Mom Was Scared Of How Her Bull Terrier Would React To One-Eyed Cat, Now They’re BFFs

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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When Phoebe Gill, 24, saw a picture of a one-eyed, hairless cat, she fell in love. She knew she needed to adopt this sweet kitty.

The cat, who was later named Stitch, had an injured eye, but since her breeders delayed taking her to the vet to get the injury treated, Stitch’s eye got worse and worse.

When the breeders finally took Stitch to the vet, they removed her eye, and Stitch’s breeders gave her up. After that, Phoebe saw Stitch and fell for her.

Phoebe adopted Stitch and took her home, but she was worried about how she would get along with her bull terrier, Alaska.

Stitch, who is a Sphynx cat, was only 9 weeks old when Phoebe adopted her, so the kitten needed to not only get used to her new life without an eye, but she needed to adjust to her new home and family.

It makes complete sense that Phoebe was worried about Stitch adjusting — she had a lot to adjust to!

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Stitch kitten

When Phoebe Gill saw one-eyed Sphynx cat, Stitch, it was love at first sight.

Phoebe knew she wanted to have Stitch join her family, so she adopted the 9-week-old kitten and took her home.

Stitch kitty

Although she knew she and Stitch got along well, she was a little bit worried about how the kitten would take to her dog, Alaska.

Like any pet owner taking in a new family, Phoebe was worried about Alaska being protective of her and not liking Stitch.

Kitten Stitch

However, Phoebe quickly realized that she had been worried for no reason.

Stitch and Alaska became fast friends, and soon they were completely inseparable.

stitch snuggling alaska

Stitch took no time adjusting to life with Phoebe and Alaska, and she quickly made herself right at home.

Stitch was a big fan of Alaska right from the start, and Alaska quickly learned that Stitch would be a great little sister to play with (and nap with).

stitch and alaska sleeping

Phoebe told Bored Panda, “It used to be that Alaska would follow me everywhere, toilet and shower included. Now, there are two. They eat together, sleep together, play together, and I’m pretty sure if Stitch was allowed outside, they would also poop together.”

Alaska and Stitch

It’s clear that Stitch absolutely loves her big sister.

It almost seems like Phoebe is going to have to fight for her pets’ love now that they have one another!

Stitch and Alaska

Even though Phoebe hasn’t had Stitch for long, she knows that the sweet kitten is already an integral part of her family.

Stitch and Alaska are not only best friends, they’re sisters — and it’s clear they were meant to be in each other’s lives.

Sleeping Stitch

Have you ever brought a second pet into your family? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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