Goofy Stingray Photobombs Woman’s Underwater Marriage Proposal

by Beth Buczynski
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Planning the perfect marriage proposal is no easy task.

Sometimes (but not always), this challenge falls on the man, and we all know that guys can sometimes have trouble showing off their romantic and creative sides.

Nevertheless, a lot of unique “pop the question” moments have gone viral, such as this one that took place during a stunt airplane ride — talk about feeling your heart skip a beat!

Even the best laid plans go wrong sometimes, though, something that became painfully clear during another special marriage proposal, this time taking place at the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.

Late last week, Reddit user McYay was excited to share photos of her amazing underwater proposal, which had been carefully planned by her boyfriend. 

But when she looked at the pictures, she realized someone else had been hogging the spotlight — a goofy, smiling stingray!

Scroll through the images below to see the silly photobombed pictures and find out whether McYay said yes anyway.

Have you ever noticed how stingrays always look like they’ve got a mischievous grin on their faces?

Well, a stingray’s eyes are actually on the top of their bodies, but small sensors above their mouths are often confused for eyes when seen from underneath.

That’s what makes these pictures from McYay all the more hilarious…

Her boyfriend had planned to propose to her in the tunnel, where all kinds of marine life swirls around visitors on three sides.

He even planned for a scuba diver to show up behind the glass holding a very important sign…

Too bad this stingray had other plans!

“My boyfriend proposed to me at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto,” wrote McYay. “This stingray photobombed every picture!”

Perhaps he just wanted a front-row seat for all of the adorable action.

All’s fair in love and stingrays, however, and the photobombing creature didn’t stop McYay from answering with an emphatic “Yes.”

And unbeknownst to the stingray, he will now be an important part of this couple’s love story for decades to come!

Have you ever seen a surprise proposal in a public place? Tell us about it in the comments.

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