Teens Stand Frozen To Sing In Hotel Pool When Chaperone Runs To Balcony At Just The Right Moment

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

A group of traveling high school students were able to relax in the pool at a Quality Inn & Suites during their stop in Ames, Iowa.

But these were no “ordinary” students. The talented teenagers were on tour with the Stillwater Area High School concert choir. And as they splashed around in the hotel pool, they realized that the acoustics sounded incredible. So incredible, in fact, that they decided to break out into song and do what they do best.

Aaron Drevlow, the school’s assistant principal, was chaperoning the trip when he heard singing coming from the pool downstairs. Realizing it was his students, he quickly grabbed his iPhone and rushed to the balcony, panning the camera down to capture the beautiful performance taking place below.

In the video, the students belt out a stunning rendition of “O Day Full of Grace,” written by the choir director’s grandfather, F. Melius Christiansen.

As Drevlow panned the camera up from the pool and around the hotel, you can see some of the 70-member choir come out of their hotel rooms to join their classmates in the middle of the song. As for the regular guests, they were delighted by the unexpected performance.

12 hours after Drevlow posted the clip to the school’s Facebook page, it had already garnered 30,000 views. He had no idea it would go viral.

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