New York Chocolatier Makes Bonbons That Almost Look Too Good To Eat!

by Roxy Garrity
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Arranged in neat lines behind brightly lit glass displays, the tiny works of edible art at Stick With Me Sweets’ shop come in the form of bonbons and candy bars.

Adorned with beautiful swirls of colors and a highly polished shine, these tiny treats almost look good enough to keep you from eating them.

Located in New York City’s trendy NoLita neighborhood, the shop is owned and operated by chocolatier Susanna Yoon and her all-female staff. Each piece of candy is handcrafted in the kitchen behind the storefront. “What it takes to make a bonbon is a lot of labor and a lot of love,” said Yoon.

With such an impeccable attention for detail, it’s hard to imagine that Yoon didn’t begin her professional career as a pastry chef.

“After being in the corporate world, I decided I really love working with food and eating food,” she explained. It was only after deciding that she needed a career change that Yoon went to study at the International Culinary Center in New York for pastry arts. Since graduating, she’s worked at New York’s famous Per Se and was also named one of the “Top Chocolatiers in North America” by Dessert Professional magazine.

Roxy Haynes / LittleThings

Yoon’s best known for her bonbons, but she also debuted her candy bar line right here on LittleThings.

Roxy Haynes / LittleThings

“We wanted to create a nostalgia for different candy bars that we used to eat when we were younger. So we have our own version of the Mars Bar we call ‘Venus,’” said Yoon. That’s in addition to the S’mores Bar, the PB&J Bar, and many more flavors.

Roxy Haynes / LittleThings

As for what is takes to make a bonbon, Yoon adds, “We start with a polished mold. We decorate everything with different brushes, different techniques of spraying or splattering.” Then each mold is filled with a uniquely flavored ganache.

Roxy Haynes / LittleThings

Some of Stick With Me Sweets bonbon flavors include: Bourbon Maple Pecan, Caramelized Banana, Dark House Praline, Raspberry Rose, Sea Salt Caramel, and many more!

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