Stevie The Blind Cat Overcomes His Fears And Climbs Up A Gigantic Mountain

by Paul Morris
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For anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles, the simple story of a man and his cat might prove that sometimes paths are just meant to cross, and some things are just meant to happen.

Irish filmmaker Patrick Corr is a well known figure on the internet, and that’s for a very amazing reason. Over the years he’s documented his life on YouTube, from having amazing moments with his animals to showing off just how amazing an experience it is to become a parent.

Corr has shown off his amazingly beautiful baby to us before, and thankfully everything is going quite well with his adorable baby. But Corr has also had the amazing privilege and honor of keeping a cat in his family who suffers from blindness.

Stevie can’t see a human face, but he’s definitely learned to love the big creatures that keep him warm, fed, and happy!

Corr, over the years of caring for this beautiful cat, has realized just how lucky he is to have an animal with special needs. While some things are certainly a bit more difficult, the knowledge that he has helped save a life that was so close to being thrown away, simply due to a lack of eyesight, is something that Corr should be incredibly proud of.

Special needs animals are amazing in every single way, so Corr was honored to take Stevie on a journey up a mountain near his home! And while it was tiresome at times, Stevie felt glorious when he had reached the very top!

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