Country Musician Steve Scott Asks One Simple Question

by Paul Morris
Paul is a proud Southerner who enjoys long walks in the woods, sweet tea, and watching movies. He’s also an expert pastry chef and will share his rhubarb-berry pie recipe with just about anyone who asks. He loves America and playing with animals of all kinds. When he isn't writing about the things he loves most, you can find him in the great outdoors!

This heartfelt song asks a simple question that every single American should hear. In a fantastic and respectful tribute to the brave men and women who have served, and continue to serve, in our nation’s armed forces, country music singer Steve Scott Country will show you what it means to be an American!

This country singer has a special message to all of the soldiers who have lived and died defending our freedom and upholding the honor of our amazing country. This single is available on iTunes, and 100% of his net proceeds are going straight to assist veterans and their families.

Steve was inspired to write this amazing song when he saw his wife’s work with the Army STARRS program. The singer also had two older brothers who served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, so you can rest assured that he definitely knows a soldier or two!

The song itself is catchy yet simple, dignified yet exciting to listen to. I started to think about all the soldiers that I know as I was listening to this song, and I have to admit I was pretty moved. When Steve sings in front of the American flag, with the chorus vocals backing him up, he leaves us with one important question that really made me think.

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