Steve Thinks Grandma Says ‘Spaghetti On A Monday’ Because He Can’t Understand Her Accent

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

I am a huge fan of Giuliana Rancic and her whole family — especially her mom, Anna!

Coming from an Italian family, I know how hard it can be for others to understand an Italian accent when speaking English. So, when Giuliana’s family was on Family Feud on July 24, 2016, I knew it was going to be hilarious!

Steve approached Anna and asked her, “A woman might say ‘I broke up with my boyfriend after I found out he had’ what?”

“Another woman,” Anna told Steve. However, not only was it already on the board, Steve didn’t even know what she had said. He asked Giuliana what her mom had meant. Once Giuliana told her mom it was already on the board, it was time to try again. Steve asked the question one more time, then waited for Anna’s answer. Her reply? “Spent a lot of money.”

“Yeah,” Steve replied back, but you can tell he had absolutely no idea what Anna had just said because of her accent! “Because he ate spaghetti on a Monday!” He yelled to the board.

The whole family and crowd started laughing at the miscommunication, then Giuliana quickly tried to correct it. “That’s not what Mama said,” Giuliana laughed. “She said, ‘because he spent all their money!’”

Steve doubled over with laughter. He apologized, but Anna wasn’t offended. In fact, she was cracking up as well! Sadly, the answer got them their third strike, but it seemed like everyone had a great time!

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