Dad Is Nearly Dead After Horrific Ski Accident, Then Good Luck Charm Appears By His Bed

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Steve Lawton is a very lucky man. In 2014, he was in a horrific skiing accident while on a family vacation.

His injuries were so extensive that it’s incredible he even survived.

But Steve, who was believed to be nearly brain-dead after the accident, didn’t just survive the disaster: he made a miracle recovery and emerged from it stronger than ever. Now, LittleThings is profiling him as part of our ‘Heroes‘ series, which focuses on incredible everyday people who are real-life heroes.

Like the young man who spent years struggling out of a “locked in” coma, Steve put everything he had into fighting hard and proving that he could recover from his injuries.

He was injured on a spring break skiing vacation with his brother-in-law and the kids. He popped out of his skis and slid backwards down the mountain at 45 mph before hitting a tree. In the process, Steve broke 11 bones, did serious injury to nerves and blood vessels, collapsed both lungs, and traumatically injured his brain. Even his ski helmet shattered from the devastating impact.

Doctors measured his brain activity and discovered that it was at the bare minimum. It was hard for anyone to imagine that Steve would emerge from his accident the same man he was before.

But Steve fought the odds and almost completely recovered, even writing a book about the experience. He believes he can chalk his miracle recovery up to his positive attitude, the love of family and friends, and a very unusual good luck charm: a 4-foot-tall rubber chicken he affectionately dubbed Henrietta.

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LittleThings profiles heroes in the United States who are often overlooked. In this powerful, ongoing series, Heroes will feature an Oregon wildfire firefighter, a long-term care/senior care nurse, and a woman who started a dance studio that provides therapy to victims of domestic violence and addiction.

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