Steve Irwin’s Son Is A Teenager Now And He’s Just As Fearless As His Famous Dad

by Kate Taylor
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Many of us grew up looking to our parents as role models. Sometimes, children even follow in their parents’ footsteps.

There is often a sense of duty and familiarity when it comes to taking over the family business, or emulating a parent’s career path.

Of course, all people are different, and no child can be blamed for choosing their own path.

However, that doesn’t stop Steve Irwin’s children from getting up close and personal with crocodiles and all the other dangerous wildlife their father was known for wrangling.

Though their father tragically died on the job in 2006, his kids Bindi and Robert have always celebrated his life by loving wild animals as much as he did, rather than fearing them.

In fact, Robert Irwin is becoming a wildlife photographer and conservation advocate in his own right.

He may only be 13 years old, but Robert isn’t afraid to charm snakes or spiders. Even better, he shares his adventures with the world on his Instagram and shows everyone how the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / Bindi Irwin // Instagram / Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin is the son of late and beloved television personality Steve Irwin, also known as “the Crocodile Hunter.”

As you may know, Steve passed away doing what he did best — interacting with wild animals in an effort to educate the world about the power and beauty of the natural world.

Robert shared this photo on Father’s Day with the following caption:

This #FathersDay in Australia remembering the best dad in the world. He was all about family and fun and I hope to dedicate my life to honouring his legacy.

Robert was only 3 years old when his father passed, but he got plenty of exposure to the wild animals his dad loved so much.

Robert shared:

#Flashback to one of my first snake experiences, with Jenny the burmese python when I was only a few months old!

Here’s Robert posing with Jenny the python again, many years later.

The experiences Steve shared with his kids undoubtedly shaped Robert for the rest of his life.

Today, the 13-year-old is an award-winning wildlife photographer with an impressive portfolio and his own website.

His “About” section reads:

Robert Irwin is a nature photographer and wildlife warrior who travels the world in search of incredible images of wildlife and wild places that have inspired many.

As you can see, Robert isn’t afraid to get very close to the types of creepy-crawlies that most people would run away from.

This is certainly a trait he shares with his father — and his mother and sister, for that matter.

thank you note

It’s tough to say whether Robert’s aptitude is a product of nature of nurture.

But coming from a family like the Irwins, it’s probably a combination of the two.

He still looks up to his dad, even though it has been more than 10 years since Steve passed.

He wrote of this picture:

This photo showcases our amazing team using my dad’s techniques to catch a wild crocodile for research at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. Through this groundbreaking research we are able to learn so much about these magnificent animals and help their species thrive in the wild.

They do say “like father, like son,” and Robert is the spitting image of his dad, from his cheerful grin to his fearless affection for the wild creatures of the world.

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