Terri Irwin Opens Up About Why She Hasn’t Dated Since Steve Irwin’s Death Over A Decade Ago

by Angela Andaloro

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 13 years since Steve Irwin’s untimely death. The Crocodile Hunter star died in 2006 while filming a documentary when a stingray barb pierced his heart.

Since then, Steve’s entire family has been dedicated to continuing his legacy of animal conservation. It’s been bittersweet but beautiful to see the family working together at the Australia Zoo and the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

Time has helped the family heal a bit. Aside from their conservation work, Steve’s children have grown into wonderful young people. Bindi, now 21, is engaged to longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell. Robert, now 15, has a wonderful eye for photography.

Both are fiercely dedicated to family, especially their mother Terri.

Throughout the years, there’s been speculation as to whether Terri would take another shot at love. There were even rumors that she was dating fellow Aussie Russell Crowe, although she shut those down. In Terri’s heart, there’s no one who could replace Steve and what they shared.

Steve Irwin left a lasting legacy on the world. The fierce advocate for wildlife preservation was taken from the world far too soon, but he died doing what he loved. Today, his wife and children continue to carry on that legacy.

It’s been almost 13 years since the Crocodile Hunter died while filming a documentary. His death was caused by a stingray barb that pierced his heart. In the time since, a lot of things have changed, but the important ones still stay the same.

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Steve’s wife, Terri, and his children, 21-year-old Bindi and 15-year-old Robert, continue to carry on his legacy. Not only do they run the incredible Australia Zoo, but they continue the important work of raising awareness around wildlife conservation.

Since Steve’s death, Terri has spoken frequently about her love for her husband and his legacy. While many people anticipated that she would eventually move on to another chapter in her life, she’s perfectly content with how things are.

In 2017, rumors arose that Terri was romantically involved with Australian actor Russell Crowe. Terri shut down those rumors when she sat down with Access Hollywood.

“He’s a great guy but absolutely just a dear friend,” Terri said, explaining how the actor had supported their wildlife conservation efforts.

terri irwin russell crowe

“In all honesty, he and Steve became friends many years ago, and after Steve passed, you find out who your true friends are,” Terri explained, with Bindi by her side. “And Russell has been very loyal as a great friend.”

“The saying goes, when it comes to friends I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies … and he’s definitely a quarter,” Terri noted. She then went on to explain that she had no interest in dating at all.

“I feel a connection still with Steve,” Terri explained. “You know when you take those vows and say ‘we’ll be together as long as we both shall live,’ I really don’t think I would’ve married if I hadn’t met Steve. And he’s very special to me and continues to be.”

While some people may think that’s sad, Terri assured fans that she has a beautiful and full life. “I’ve got beautiful kids and a lot of wonderful conservation work,” she added. “So I’m lonely for Steve, but I’m not a lonely person.”

Bindi was then asked if she would like to see her mother get back out there. The then 18-year-old replied, “Honestly, all I want in life is mom’s happiness. What people sometimes forget is that when you find your soul mate, if you’ve found that soul mate, you really don’t want to move on,” she said beautifully.

Bindi added, “So mom had her soul mate, and mom and dad will always be married and will always be together. I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Now Bindi has her own beautiful relationship, as the 21-year-old recently got engaged to longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell.

In June, Terri posted a beautiful tribute to Steve on what would have been their 25th wedding anniversary.

“Today would have been our 25th wedding anniversary. I miss you so very much, and I am grateful every day for the time we had together,” she shared.

It has to be bittersweet for the family going through life without Steve, but their bond and dedication to his legacy keeps them going. Seeing Bindi’s fiancé joining the family in that aspect has been beautiful.

The couple also plans to incorporate family and, particularly, honor Steve’s memory when they get married.

“I think, when the time comes, Robert will walk me down the aisle, [Chandler and I] will have our wonderful moment and I’ll have my dance with mom,” Bindi told Entertainment Tonight. “I think that would be wonderful.”