Steve Harvey Loses It When Contestant Answers Where He’d Stick A Thermometer

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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If you’re a fan of Steve Harvey, then you know the talk-show and game-show host loves to laugh.

Whether he is laughing at audience members, contestants on Family Feud or Little Big Shots, or a particularly funny story, he really can crack up.

It seems like once he starts laughing, it is hard for him to rein it in! It amazes me that he can still laugh so much after everything he’s heard.

But he still continues to crack up and make for wonderful live TV. During this episode of Family Feud, two teams of professional boxers squared off to win money for charity.

The question the group has to answer is a pretty sticky one, that could easily go many different ways: Where do you stick a thermometer to get your temperature?

Understandably, you can see how the responses could vary! Well, when Victor Ortiz’s team starts giving their answers, Steve gets caught up when Lamon Brewster gives his.

But it isn’t until when Ray Mercer shouts “legs” as his answer that Steve just loses it. The competing team also can’t hold back their laughter. Steve even tries to humor Ray and show how you can measure a temperature using your legs.

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