Dad Thinks Family Photo Is His Gift, But Starts Sobbing When He Spots Hidden Adoption Papers

by Jess Butler
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Edward Lee Davila became a father figure to Sadie Marie when she was only 5 years old. Now, at the age of 23, Sadie wanted to give her stepdad a very special surprise.

From the look on Edward’s face, it was something he will never forget.

In the video below, posted on June 27, 2017, Edward opens up a large white box containing a present just for him. He is warned that there are two parts to his gift and he begins sifting through the tissue paper inside.

He pulls out a framed family photograph of himself and Sadie and stares at it. He is prompted to read the writing printed on the left side and everyone in the room listens.

As Edward reads aloud, he shares Sadie’s words about how much he means to her. She mentions that although he isn’t her real dad, he will always be a father to her.

Edward looks up and says, “Nice! Thank you, I love that picture!”

Then, Sadie explains, “No, there’s more.”

Her stepdad turns back to the white box and peels a layer of tissue paper off to reveal a hidden packet of papers. He starts reading — they are adoption papers for Sadie to become his adoptive daughter. He spots her blue note, asking him to adopt her, and he completely loses it.

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