Farmer Is Floored When His Sheepdog Gives Birth To Litter Of 17 Perfect Puppies

by Kat Manos
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Everybody loves a pregnant dog — because that means it’s time for puppies!

One farmer in Suisun Valley of Northern California had no idea his Maremma sheepdog named Stella was even expecting. You can imagine his surprise when she gave birth to over a dozen little sheepdogs!

It turns out that one naughty sheepdog by the name of Orso is the culprit behind this accidental dog pregnancy, the farmers of Napa Grass Farmers quickly learned.

In 2016, Orso managed to jump over a fence and sneak into a closed barn to mate with Stella, and the rest of their story is history.

No one would’ve thought that one sneaky meeting between Orso and Stella would produce a record-breaking 17 puppies! Locals suspect it’s the most puppies produced in a single litter in California’s history.

In the video below, organic farmer Joe Constanzo explains that Maremma sheepdogs come from Italy and tells viewers how to bottle feed the puppies so they get big and strong.

You can’t miss how cute those puppies look when they’re bottle-fed!

Stella, Orso, and all the puppies are happy and healthy, and will go on to hopefully become wonderful farm dogs, helping to herd across the land.

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Thumbnail Credit: Facebook / Napa Grass Farmers.

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