Macho Dad Becomes Stay-At-Home Dad To Take Care Of Quintuplets

by Emerald Pellot
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Jack and Kathy Somoano always wanted a big family. Then in one fell swoop their wish was granted. Kathy gave birth to five healthy quintuplets.

In 2001, Cody, Dante, Evan, Alyssa, and Brianna became the light of their lives. Then, just after they were born, the unthinkable happened. Jack lost his job at a printing company.

His decision? To stay at home with the kids. “Somebody had to stay home with the kids and financially speaking the smart thing to do was me,” Jack says.

Kathy was a general manager at a car dealership. Her income was enough to support the family. It didn’t make sense for her to quit.

“It would be too hard for me to give up my paycheck. My health insurance is great so it worked out better that way,” says Kathy.

While many wouldn’t feel comfortable with switching the traditional roles of husband and wife, Kathy and Jack were doing it to give their children the best lives. Kathy admits she had some reservations.

“He’s a little macho and I didn’t know how he would be. As far as taking on a 24-hour role, I wasn’t sure how that was going to work,” she says.

But Jack quickly took on the role of diaper changes, bottle feeding, and homemaking. The result? This tough guy is more sensitive and empathetic to stay-at-home moms everywhere.

“I have a whole new appreciation for women staying at home with their kids. The men take it for granted. Really and truly,” Jack says.

See this big family’s unconventional journey below.

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