Stay-At-Home Dad Shares Adorable Photos Of Son And Santa Napping

by Angel Chang
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Among the fantastic Christmas traditions in this country, one of the greatest and most anticipated has to be waiting in line to take photos with Santa.

While some mall Santas throughout history have proven to be terrifying, most of the time, kids will gleefully and patiently wait their turn in Santa’s line, fantasizing about the promise of gifts.

Stay-at-home dad Donnie recently took his 6-month-old baby to meet Santa. But after waiting in line with other parents and kids, Donnie’s baby son, Zeke, dozed off to sleep.

However, rather than calling forward another kid, Santa did something so loving, gracious, and a little unexpected!

Thankfully, Dad took several photos of this special moment, and posted them to Facebook, where they have since gone viral.

Scroll on to see the wonderfully adorable photos of Zeke’s first encounter with Santa, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Donnie, a stay-at-home dad, and his 6-month-old son, Zeke, decided to venture to the mall for their very first portraits with Santa.

Stay at home dad takes son to meet Santa

But after hours of waiting in line, little Zeke dozed off before getting to meet old St. Nick!

However, Santa told Dad not to wake the baby. He had a brilliant idea!

Stay at home dad takes son to meet Santa

Instead of the typical seated portrait, Santa took baby Zeke in his arms, returned to the couch, and decided they would stage an adorable Christmastime nap!

Stay at home dad takes son to meet Santa

“The outcome was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” Donnie wrote on Facebook.

Stay at home dad takes son to meet Santa

Since posting these pictures on his Facebook, Donnie and Zeke’s little heartwarming photo has gone viral.

Stay at home dad takes son to meet Santa

One commenter echoed our sentiments perfectly, by saying: “Each picture is worth a thousand words.”

Stay at home dad takes son to meet Santa

We’re delighted that Donnie decided to share these precious photos of Zeke’s first (sleepy) encounter with Santa — and we wish their family many more wonderful holiday memories to come!

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