Woman Spends 5 Years Making Dress Out Of Boyfriend’s Starburst Wrappers And Stuns The Internet

by Amy Paige
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The first time Emily Seilhamer met her high school sweetheart Malachi, he offered her a pack of Starburst, his favorite candy.

Even though the ice was broken, he kept bringing her the candies at the start of their drama class.

One day, Emily asked Malachi if he would save his wrappers. It got to the point where he was bringing her grocery bags full of them.

Emily, a creative and crafty do-it-yourself’er, decided to take the Starburst wrappers and turn them into a colorful cocktail dress.

But it wouldn’t be easy.

The ambitious student pent five years making the dress, mostly working on it during college.

It became a therapeutic way to calm her mind while studying for exams.

When all was said and done, Emily’s stunning dress required more than 10,000 wrappers!

She finished the dress just months before Malachi proposed and went on to make her own wedding gown — but the Starburst creation was on full display at their wedding reception.

See the Starburst dress gone viral in the video below.

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