Starbucks Finally Unveils Their Holiday Cups, Including A Special Reusable Option For Customers

by Olivia Jakiel

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! November 1 marked the start of the holiday season. OK, at least for me it did; if you’re able to hold out on decorating your house and watching Hallmark original holiday movies 24/7 while burning Christmas-scented candles and baking cookies, then good for you. I am not that person.

However, I can’t be the only one who thinks the holidays start on November 1; it’s safe to say Starbucks is in the same boat. After all, the coffee company just released this year’s festive holiday cups! And get this — there are FOUR different designs to choose from!

On top of the four festive designs Starbucks is offering, the company is also giving away reusable, minimalist-style red cups to customers on November 2. The Starbucks blog reads:

“Starbucks is giving U.S. customers who order a holiday beverage on Nov. 2… a free, limited-edition iconic red reusable cup, in participating stores while supplies last. Starting Nov. 3, customers who bring their reusable holiday cup to a participating Starbucks store in the U.S. or Canada after 2 p.m. will get 50 cents off their handcrafted grande (16-ounce) holiday beverage through Jan. 7, 2019.”

As if we all needed another reason to get our festive caffeine fix! Head to your local Starbucks to get your reusable cup today, and check out the other designs in the video below.

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