Starbucks Manager Sees Woman Go Into Labor On Sidewalk, So She Grabs Towels And Rushes To Help

by Angela Andaloro

Expectant moms are used to their bodies surprising them. One Tacoma woman was in for the surprise of her life when she went into labor outside of her local Starbucks.

Rashelle Rehms was the barista on duty at the 24-hour Starbucks when a couple burst in frantically. The man proclaimed a baby was coming, and Rashelle immediately sprinted to their assistance. She helped get the laboring woman undressed and positioned towels beneath her when she realized there would be no waiting. As the woman lifted her hips to make room for the towels, the baby’s head began to emerge. Rashelle caught the newborn in her arms just seconds later.

Not many people would be prepared to help with such a serious act in such a short amount of time. Rashelle, a mother herself, was confident in her abilities to help the woman and kept calm during the process.

From there, she assisted in trying to keep the new mom calm until paramedics arrived. She happily told the woman that she’d given birth to a baby girl. Rashelle also cleaned off the newborn, who appeared healthy.

After learning of the incident, Starbucks issued a statement expressing how proud the company was of Rashelle’s actions: “We’re proud of our partner for her quick thinking and response until additional help could arrive, and appreciate their quick response as well.”

After a day like that, most people would probably clock out early and take a moment to reflect on what happened. Not Rashelle, however, who went back to her shift after paramedics had left with the new family. Both mom and daughter were checked out at the hospital and determined to be healthy.

It makes for a wild workday, but it was definitely an amazing story. Listen to Rashelle talk about the eventful day herself in the video below!

Footage provided by KCPQ Seattle

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