Faux Stained-Glass Cabinets Will Brighten Up Any Kitchen

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Remodeling kitchens is not exactly my idea of fun. I’m all too familiar with the process at the moment in my new home.

From choosing small pieces of hardware to deciding on what type of dishwasher to install, there’s not much that I enjoy about the remodeling process. One thing that I do have to admit I enjoy? The end result!

I went from an olive green and yellow room straight out of the 1960s to a kitchen that suits my style and needs. Now that the hard part is over, I can begin thinking about fun additions that I can add myself!

After doing a little searching, I came across an incredible project that is definitely out of range of my skill set but I had to share it with our readers!

With just a few simple steps, this DIY-er’s kitchen went from ordinary to extraordinary.

Scroll down to see how this clever DIY-er turned his family’s kitchen into the coolest room in the house, and let us know what you think of the improvements in the comments below!

[H/T: Instructables]

This DIY-er’s kitchen was beautiful to begin with, but he wanted to add something to make it unique.

After learning about faux stained glass, a much cheaper alternative than real stained glass, he got started mapping out his project.

From the beginning of the project, he knew he wanted to show off the stained-glass effect with LED lighting.

In order to achieve this glowy effect, he had several outlets installed behind where the acrylic panels would eventually be installed.

Next, he prepped the acrylic.

He worked with .118-inch acrylic for most of the project because anything longer ended up being too floppy.

The window films were surprisingly easy to roll on and fit together with other pieces.

The transition from one piece of acrylic to another is almost unnoticeable.

Suction cups proved to be very handy during the fitting and installation process.

The DIY-er screwed each piece into place, and the project was complete!

Needless to say, the DIY-er and his wife were quite pleased with the end result.

The faux stained glass looks great in natural light and still gets the same glowing effect from the sun.

Even getting up close to the acrylic panels, it’s impossible to tell that this is a stick-on treatment and not an expensive collection of stained glass.

The LED lighting is controlled with a small remote and has several different settings.

Depending on the DIY-er’s mood or preference, the lighting can go from rainbow to green to blue in just a click of a button!

Would you consider making a unique change like this to your own kitchen?

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