Is It Just Us, Or Are New York’s Squirrels Looking EXTRA Plump This Winter?

by Roxy Garrity
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You’re not going nuts, and no, you don’t need to get your eyes checked. Those squirrels in your local park are actually a bit fatter this year.

Since squirrels don’t hibernate during the winter, they rely on extra fat to keep warm. So with the late onset of winter, they’ve had extra time to bulk up.

While New York City Parks officials don’t have a baseline to compare them to, they believe squirrels are bigger this year especially in Madison Square Park in Manhattan and Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn. They attribute this growth to the unseasonably warm winter weather. More people have been enjoying lunch in the parks this fall and winter, which means more leftovers for squirrels.

But don’t worry, researchers aren’t worried about a squirrel-obesity epidemic, and they say we shouldn’t be either. Since squirrels are so active, they’ll shed the extra weight come spring. Just in time for swimsuit season!

In honor of these little guys, LittleThings headed over to Madison Square Park to see just how much New Yorkers really know about their city’s furry cohabitants.

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