Woman Hears Weird Noises In Her Toilet, Then Neighbor Peeks In And Finds A Drenched Squirrel

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Whether they’re small or big, everyone has phobias in life.

Some people get creeped out by spiders, some people hate heights, and other people have a fear of finding a wild animal in their home.

Whatever your fear is, we hope you never have to face it — unless, that is, you decide to try to overcome it.

The woman in the video below found herself in a bizarre situation many of us have feared since childhood. Yes, I’m talking about that ever-present terror that some creature will come crawling out of the toilet.

When she heard noises in her toilet, she was understandably frightened.

It looks like she put something on top of the toilet to make sure the creature — whatever it was — didn’t find its way out into her home.

Then she called her neighbor for backup.

When he came over, gloves ready and all, he discovered there was a live squirrel inside!

While I still don’t know how the squirrel ended up in the toilet in the first place, thankfully this nice neighbor saved the day and the squirrel, all at once.

Can you imagine finding a squirrel in your toilet? I think this woman was just glad it didn’t bite her in the bottom!

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