Confused Squirrel Tries To Bury Nut In Bernese Mountain Dog’s Fur While He Remains Unfazed

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

I always think it’s so funny when my dog tries to bury her bone inside the couch or in the sheets on my bed. She gets so into it, although, most of the time, the bone never gets completely covered.

One family has both a huge Bernese mountain dog and a tiny squirrel — and the squirrel has found the perfect hiding spot for her nut.

In the video clip below, the animals’ owner records the brown squirrel putting her nut on the dog’s black fur and trying to push his fur over the nut in order to cover it.

The dog is so much bigger than this little squirrel, so he just turns his head and watches her for 15 seconds while she tries her hardest to dig a hole in the mountain dog’s fur in order to cover up the nut.

Sadly for the squirrel, fur isn’t the best “dirt,” and the nut goes tumbling off the dog’s body.

The squirrel appears even more confused when her nut falls to the carpet. She runs around the big dog once more, looking for the perfect hiding spot. And the mountain dog watches her every move.

Just when it looks like she’s going to bury it under his tail, she changes her mind and jumps up on a laundry basket to find a new spot.

Watch the whole adorable video below.

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