The 9 Amazing Spring Cleaning Tips All Dog Owners Should Know

by Angel Chang
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Spring cleaning can be a rather laborious task every year — especially if you haven’t been preparing through winter, and are going to cover lots of ground all at once.

Often, cleaning can become even more tedious when you throw in the dirty messes that your pets make in the house.

In an exclusive look below, we share 9 easy tips to help you clean up easily and efficiently after your pup — or after any pet, really!

From using an ordinary kitchen cabinet staple to deodorize carpets, to using fabric softener sheets to pick up messy hairs, these tips are sure to make your life easier when it comes time to clean every inch and corner of your home.

Let us know what your favorite dog-cleaning tips are, and if you prefer to use any other ingredients (what about the powerful apple cider vinegar, anyone?) and tools to do the job.

Scroll on to find out the best tips and tricks for cleaning up after your pets, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

1. White Vinegar To Deodorize Carpets

Dog cleaning tips
Maya Borenstein For LittleThings

It’s super-easy to make your own dog-friendly carpet deodorizer right at home.

Our favorite tip is to fill a spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray the carpet stain evenly with vinegar, but make sure not to soak it.

Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will go away once it dries!

2. Walnuts To Remove Wood Scratches

Dog cleaning tips
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You can easily cover up any scratch marks on your wooden walls and furniture by using a walnut. Sounds weird, but it really works!

Begin by rubbing the walnut on the scratched surface in a circular motion, across the length of the scratch, suggests wikiHow.

Leave the natural oils from the walnut to soak into the scratch, before using a soft cloth to polish over the area.

3. Baby Wipes To Unclog Hair In The Drain

Dog cleaning tips
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Next time your bathtub drain gets clogged up by all the doggie hairs, try using baby wipes to solve the problem.

First, take a wipe and put it over the tub drain. Push the tub stopper in, over the wipe.

After giving your pup a bath, reach down and hold the wipe in place, before pulling the plug. The bathwater will drain down, and all the dog hairs will collect in the center of the wipe.

4. Damp Rubber Gloves To Pick Up Stray Hairs

Dog cleaning tips
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Many people probably know about this smart trick for picking up doggie hairs.

Rinse your cleaning gloves underwater, to make them damp. Then, run your gloved hand over the surface of your sofa or chair, allowing the hair to cling onto the glove.

5. Baking Soda To Clean Urine

Dog cleaning tips
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Another solution for cleaning up messes and stains on carpets is baking soda.

This powerful cleaning agent is also brilliant at getting rid of foul odors. To use, pour a little bit of baking soda over the spot on your carpet.

Let that sit for about 20 minutes, before vacuuming it up.

6. Magic Eraser To Clean Drool Marks

Dog cleaning tips
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To scrub off the doggie drool marks from your floors and baseboards around the walls, try using a Magic Eraser.

The formaldehyde-melamine-sodium component used in the foam is a powerful substance used in many cleaning products.

7. Dryer Sheets To Pick Up Dog Hair

Dog cleaning tips
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Dryer sheets can actually be pretty versatile when it comes to cleaning.

They’re known to pick up dog hair on pretty much any surface imaginable — furniture, baseboards, floors, and even clothes!

To clean hair off of your clothes, simply rub a fabric softener sheet over the surface.

8. Rubber-Backed Mat To Stabilize Bowls

Dog cleaning tips
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In order to keep your dog’s food and water bowls from sliding on the floor, try placing them over a rubber-backed mat, or even a piece of rubberized mesh, suggests the Bark.

Many of you may already be doing this, but for those who don’t, it’s just another simple way to keep the floors spillage-free and clean!

9. Squeegees To Remove Fur From Furniture

Dog cleaning tips
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A window squeegee is yet another tool you can use to pick up stray hairs from your furniture and carpets.

They’re super-effective at loosening pet hair from carpets and other surfaces — and are great for removing doggie paw and nose prints from the windows!

To use, rub the squeegee along the carpet, and swipe a few times back and forth to collect the hair.

Do you have any more dog-cleaning tips to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below, and please SHARE with all the pet owners in your life!