Grief-Stricken Women Share Warning About Blue-Green Algae That’s Been Killing Dogs In Just Hours

by Amy Paige
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It was just a few weeks ago when Claire, Brittany, and Mia were total strangers — three women from Texas who loved their dogs and loved taking them to the same lake.

Now these three woman are bonded for life over the nightmare they’ve endured.

Claire, Brittany, and Mia separately took their happy, healthy dogs to Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas, for a day of playtime and swimming. They had no reason to believe the area was unsafe, they were frequent visitors to the lake, and there were no warning signs posted in the parking lot.

But things turned tragic when all three dogs suddenly and mysteriously collapsed to the ground and began to slip away.

“I just laid on the ground with him and told him how sorry I was and that I loved him and that I would have never gone if I knew,” Ollie’s owner, Brittany, told Inside Edition.

As Mia drove home with her dog, Koda, he started exhibiting signs of paralyzation. By the time they made it to the vet, Koda was brain-dead.

Claire rushed her dog, Harper, to the vet, but it was already too late.

All three dogs had been exposed to a deadly threat that’s difficult to detect, and there was nothing that could be done — but Ollie, Harper, and Koda aren’t the only dogs to fall victim, and Texas isn’t the only state where these deaths are being reported.

Now Claire, Brittany, and Mia are sharing their inconsolable grief so other dog owners can keep their pets safe and alive.

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