Almost Nobody Can Spot The Venomous Rough-Scaled Snake Hiding Among The Branches In This Photo

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved optical illusions.

I used to spend hours staring at those books that make you go cross-eyed.

I eagerly searched through every Where’s Waldo? book to find Waldo, and I looked time and time again at those multi-image black-and-white illusions.

Since working at LittleThings, my new favorite optical illusions are hidden animals.

Not only do I get to look at cute animals, I also get to spend time trying to find them when they’re camouflaged outside.

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about this adorable Doberman hiding perfectly among some brown ferns.

Today, I have another awesome hidden animal for you; this time, it’s an Australian rough-scaled snake.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page shares one of their classic “spot the snake” posts on November 22, 2017, and people are absolutely losing their minds.

Check out the picture below to see if your eyesight is good enough to find the venomous rough-scaled snake!

what's that snake

Here’s the image Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shared.

Can you see the hidden snake among all the dark branches?

snake branches

Here’s a clearer image of the branches and the snake.

If you have absolutely no idea where the snake is, you’re not alone.

snake comment

Multiple people commented that they couldn’t see the snake at all!

A few people even wrote that they’re glad they didn’t come across this snake in person, because they definitely would have been bitten.

camouflage snake

Another woman wrote, “I can never spot the snake. Maybe all for the best!”

“Please tell us,” commented yet another person.

rough-scaled snake pic

So let’s dive in and find this darn snake.

The snake you’re looking for looks like the one above. It’s called the Tropidechis carinatus and is known as the rough-scaled snake.

It’s highly venomous and has even caused several fatalities.

snake quadrants

Now that you know what kind of snake you’re looking for, take a look at the image above.

Go through the quadrants one at a time and see if that helps you narrow it down.

Here’s a hint: it’s in quadrant 3.

snake zoom

Check it out — there’s the snake! It’s pretty small, but it’s undeniably there.

The snake is a tannish-green color and has distinguishable stripes.

snake circle

Here’s the full image again with a circle around the snake’s location.

Once you see the snake, it’s really hard to unsee it!

snake catcher

Obviously, some of us are just not meant to be snake catchers, as this commenter pointed out.

Were you able to find the snake without looking at the answer?

snake photo

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