Can You Spot The African Owl Hidden Among The Trees In This Photograph?

by Phil Mutz
Phil is an Editor at LittleThings. He loves writing and the outdoors. You can often find him at the movies or the park.

Whenever you take a stroll through the woods, you really can’t tell what amazing animals might be hiding right under your very nose.

And now, one photograph is going viral as people around the world try to figure out where an African scops owl is hiding.

The picture looks like a bunch of ordinary trees, but the owl is definitely in there. And just like when people were trying to find the cat hidden in a photograph of a log pile, the internet is going bonkers trying to spot this little guy.

Scroll through below to see if you can find the owl on the first try. Personally, I had a very difficult time — I looked for well over a minute and I still never saw him!

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This is the photograph that has been driving internet users nuts.

Somewhere in the picture, an African scops owl is hiding. Can you see him?

Take your time, and when you’re ready, click to reveal his location below!


How well did you do? Did you find him?

He certainly blends right into the tree, looking just like part of the bark.

A close up image reveals not only how tree-like he looks, but also how adorable he is as well.

These pictures were snapped by a safari guide in South Africa who is clearly very skilled at spotting the camouflaged animals around him.

This specific type of owl is notorious for being difficult to spot.

But if you liked trying find him, keep scrolling to try your hand at even one more owl puzzle!

Several months back, this illustrated puzzle was stumping people around the world.

Can you find the cat hidden somewhere among the owls?

If you need a hint, look for the creature that doesn’t have a beak!

Did you find him? When you’re ready, click below to see the answer.


Which of these owl images did you find more difficult — the photograph or the illustration?

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