Grieving Mom Captures Strange Apparition On Film Days After Her Dog Dies

by Paul Morris
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Losing a beloved pet can be one of the hardest things a family could ever go through. After so many years of constant love, affection, and friendship, losing one of our beloved furry friends is truly one of the worst things imaginable.

So when Kimberley Pearce of North Carolina lost her much-loved cocker spaniel named Sadie, it’s no surprise that she was in the depths of depression following the tragic loss.

Even though her beautiful Sadie was quite old and lived a good long life, that still didn’t take the pain of loss away from this mom. Her husband had even gotten her a little Yorkie puppy to help transition into the loss, and though Kimberley loved her new puppy, the pain was still there and just wouldn’t go away.

Begging heaven for a sign that her Sadie was in a better place, Kimberley suddenly felt something strange. She was filming her two dogs playing, but there felt to be another presence in the house. In a stroke of luck, it seems like Kimberley actually managed to capture an apparition on camera.

While there are many who doubt the existence of ghosts and spirits in spite of the evidence, it’s hard to explain what this is on film. Clearly something was in her house, and clearly the other dogs seem to be aware of it somehow.

Kimberley believes this was a one-time experience. When she saw the odd object she couldn’t help but smile. Sadie, who was such a loving pet, came back one last time to let her mom know that everything was going to be OK. Dogs really are the best. Even when they’ve passed on, they’ll always be with us.

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