Thrifty Mom Transforms Her Basement Into A Fabulous Split Bedroom For Her Daughters

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Growing up with two brothers, I know how important it is for a child to have his or her own space in the home. Even if that means one little corner of the living room that’s all his or her own, that can mean the world.

Being the only girl, and lucky enough to live in a home with enough rooms, I never had to share a room with my siblings. Sharing the house with the two brothers was just about all I could handle, anyway! In my own room, I was able to read in peace while my brothers played their video games in the next room.

When this mom was finally fed up with how much her two daughters were fighting, she realized exactly what the problem was.

They didn’t have their own separate spaces! The family didn’t have enough rooms to give each of them their own four walls, but Mom had another idea in her back pocket.

With just a small budget and one giant room in the basement, Mom set out to give each of her two girls the space that they needed so desperately.

Some of the tricks she uses to make this odd space work are pure genius! Any young girl would love to call this room her own. I know I would have when I was younger!

You can see more from this crafty mom who goes by Clutter Bug on her website, and also on Facebook.

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