Raise The Bar On Your Holiday Brunch With A Spicy, Inventive Twist On A Traditional Bloody Mary

Everybody loves brunch. What’s not to love? It features two of our other favorite culinary words that start with the letter B — bacon and Bloody Marys!

The holidays are all about entertaining and togetherness, which find happy marriage at a leisurely, no-stress brunch. We like our Bloodies spicy, with a twist, so we turned to Slice host Evette Ríos for her take on a festive Bloody Mary that will have all our guests begging for second rounds.

In this episode of Little Slices, Evette demonstrates how to whip up a next-level, no-fuss Bloody Mary featuring a little addition that packs a big punch: shrimp! Evette took advantage of Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service to grab all the ingredients she needs for her Spicy Shrimp Bloody Mary, a fresh shrimp ring, zesty Ortomío lemon cream-stuffed olives, and Everything seasoning for an added kick. (Pro tip: Walmart carries Tito’s vodka too!*)

Throw in lemon wedges and toothpicks, and you’ve got all you need to for a festive cocktail that will light up your holiday brunch and your guests!

Check out the episode of Little Slices below for Evette’s step-by-step instructions for pouring the perfect holiday Bloody Mary.

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