Teen Girl Is Conceived Through IVF. 18 Years Later, She Discovers Her Best Friend Is Her Brother

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Many children who don’t know their biological parents look forward to learning more about the people responsible for their birth.

Whether they’re adopted or their parents used sperm or egg donation, once they turn 18, these kids get to unseal the records and find out who their biological parents are.

One teen, Georgia Bond, had known for a long time that she was conceived through vitro fertilization and a sperm donor, but she didn’t know anything about her biological father.

Georgia’s best friend, Jack Bowman, was also conceived using a sperm donor.

The two bonded over the fact that they both had sperm-donor fathers.

They always joked that it would be cool if they had the same one.

In early 2017, both Jack and Georgia learned they could access their records to find out about their donors and any potential donor siblings.

But they definitely weren’t prepared for what they found out.

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siblings tweet

Georgia posted about what happened on Twitter, and her tweet quickly went viral.

Within a few days, it had over 81,000 likes and more than 18,000 retweets.

georgia bond

Georgia wrote:

After having been best friends for the best part of my life, we’ve always joked about having the same sperm donor and being the brother and sister we naturally act like.

jack bowman

A few weeks ago we both found out we were both able to access details about our donors and donor-conceived siblings, so Jack received his first, telling him he had a sister born in 1998, which resulted in me requesting mine for that small chance we could actually be.

jack and georgia

After weeks of sitting by the letterbox with both excitement and dread, today we found out we have the same sperm donor, so we genuinely are brother and sister after all.

Happiest person ever right now. To all those who are IVF, request your details — best thing I’ve ever done. Miracles can happen.

georgia jack

Jack and Georgia are so thrilled that they’re actually related — they’d been right about being siblings all along!

Can you imagine how you would feel if you found out your best friend was actually your biological sibling?

sperm donor friends

This story is truly unbelievable. What are the odds that they would not only find each other, but become best friends? It’s too crazy.

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