Little Kids Gather With Homemade Signs, Then Surprise Teacher Who Medaled In Special Olympics

by Tasina Berkey
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Now that is definitely one beloved teacher.

Sign Language teacher Garret Anderson had returned to the school where he works, and got the most heartwarming welcome from his students.

After competing in the Special Olympics, and winning in the heavy lifting category, Garret returned to his day job at Bright Horizons preschool, only to be surprised by students cheering with love and happiness at his accomplishments.

Garret has always been a beloved part of the Bright Horizons pre-school staff in Deer Park, Illinois.

Having struggled a bit himself during his youth years for being different, Garret has always been a wonderful person for the preschoolers to be around.

Sharon Anderson, who also works at the school said:  “He tends to really bond with the kids that might have some difficulty in the class because he knows what it feels like to have difficulty in the classroom. He can talk them through some things.”

Garret was the big star of the day, showing off pictures from the Special Olympics and all his winnings with the children.

Garret seemed just as excited to show off all his new stuff, as much as the kids were excited to see it.

According to WGN 9, Garret had one big message for all the kids that he hopes will stay with them forever.

Garret said: “This is my passion. I want them to feel that they can and they will do it…. They inspired me and I will keep loving them because they are so special to me in my heart.”

Congratulations to you Garret! Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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