Southern Mom Hangs Her Wedding Ring By Her Own Hair, Then It Starts Swinging

by Paul Morris
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Even though proud mother Meghan Basford admits she isn’t superstitious by any means, the “trick” she’s come across in this simple video has her at a total loss for words!

The video has gone incredibly viral over just a few days, and with 12 million views in less than a week, it becomes clear that something is going on here.

This little trick is simple to set up — all you need is long hair and a ring. Tying a single strand of your hair to your ring and hanging it above your hand apparently shows you how many kids you’re going to have as well as what the child’s gender will be, thanks to something from the otherworld.

While some people will think that Meghan is unknowingly controlling the swing of the ring, there are just as many people who believe that something spooky is going on. No matter what you believe, the ring swings in a circle if you have a boy, and side to side if it’s a girl, and when Meghan tested this out, the ring got the answers completely correct!

What do you think about this interesting “trick?” Is Meghan playing around with evil spirits or is this just a silly game? Either way, everyone seems to love this Southern mom’s soothing accent and the hilarious faces she makes when she meets a spooky spirit!

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