50 Years Later, Her ‘Sound Of Music’ Tribute Brought Julie Andrews To Tears!

by Caroline Bayard
This writer is a New Yorker with wanderlust. She loves good food, music, the beach, and storytelling.

It’s hard to believe it has been 50 years since The Sound of Music stole hearts around the world and paved the way for some truly incredible Oscar-winning films to follow.

At this year’s Academy Awards show, in honor of The Sound of Music‘s golden anniversary, pop star Lady Gaga performed an unforgettable medley of hits from the 1966 Best Film winner’s soundtrack.

Although many of the actors present at this year’s Oscars were not alive when the film came out, it’s one movie that is without a doubt loved by many generations.

I remember it being one of my favorite movies to dance around and sing along with as a kid, and now my kids do the same exact thing.

Lady Gaga’s nostalgic and heartwarming performance of favorites like “The Sound of Music,” “My Favorite Things,” and “Edelweiss” definitely had the entire audience — at the show and at home — singing along!

Even Julie Andrews made a surprise appearance after the stunning performance. How amazing does she look for 79 years old?!

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