10 Real Men Sit Down To Discuss Body Image And Self-Esteem

by Jamie Brickhouse
Jamie Brickhouse is the author of Dangerous When Wet: A Memoir of Booze, Sex and My Mother. Visit his website at

“Telling yourself you like the way you look is easy. Believing it is an entirely different kettle of whales,” writes award-winning author Andrew Biss.

Does his advice concerning self-esteem and body issues only apply to women? Unfortunately, no. SoulPancake, which explores real issues with real people, had a round-table discussion with guys of all shapes and sizes to discover that men also struggle mightily with the pressure to look and act a certain way. The video is a wake-up call about the crushing effects the media has on a man’s self-image. These guys talk about the self-defeating struggle to compete with Instagram images of male models.

One guy concedes that even in you lived in the gym, you’d never look like those Adonises. And guess what? Men suffer from eating issues, too, whether it’s overeating to bulk up or classic anorexia to stay skinny.

We seem to be stuck in the caveman mentality: the bigger, stronger male who can provide physical protection is going to attract more women. These guys say we need to forget that and broaden the definition of what it means to be a man. The sexy, strong male of today is the man who can negotiate and listen.

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