Huge Bird Breaks Loose And Lands Right On News Anchor’s Head In Middle Of Live Broadcast

by Mauricio Castillo
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A live news broadcast received an unexpected interruption, courtesy of a large, bright bird!

Inside Edition reports that a bird made a hilarious entrance during a “Zoo Day” segment of KFMB San Diego’s morning show.

The bird in question is Sophie, a 10-year-old scarlet ibis. Sophie is one of the ibis ambassadors from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

According to Inside Edition, the birds are native to the Caribbean and South America. They get their red color from the yummy crustaceans they like to eat.

They’re also apparently very eager to get some screen time, if the video below is any indication!

In the clip, KFMB’s Eric Kahnert and Nichelle Medina tease the segment when suddenly, Sophie the ibis decides to make her entrance. Nichelle is still mid-sentence when the bird lands right on her head!

“How’s that for an introduction?” Eric asks, unable to contain his laughter.

This is definitely not the first time an animal has found themselves getting a little too comfortable on a live news segment. Readers will recall an adorable miniature horse who decided to relieve himself on set!

Maybe the animals are just really excited about their moment in the spotlight?

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Photos: Inside Edition

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