Polyamorous Mom Is Pregnant And Sons Have A Few Questions For Mom, Mom, And Dad

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A polyamorous family in Huntington Beach, California, is about to grow even bigger. Matthew, Michelle, and Courtney Cantano have been in a polyamorous “thruple” for just over two and a half years. Matthew and Michelle have two sons together, and the boys have been begging for another sibling for months. Now they’re going to get their wish.

Courtney is pregnant with her first child, and she broke the news to the boys in a heartwarming video.

“I have a baby in my tummy,” Courtney explained to the boys, showing them the pregnancy test.

Courtney asked 3-year-old Anthony if he was prepared not to be the youngest child anymore. His answer? “I will need help being a big brother!”

Anthony and his big brother, Dario, 8, were hoping for a girl to even out the family’s numbers – three males, three females. Courtney is carrying a boy, but her sons are excited regardless.

“The boys are very excited about the baby’s arrival,” Courtney said. “All three boys will get along great, and we will make sure to give them all the attention they need.”

Courtney says her boys are lucky to have three parents instead of two.

“They get lots of love and attention; they’re also surrounded by a lot of grandparents, family members, and friends that spoil them, too,” Courtney said.

The other two parents, Matthew and Michelle, were partnered with two sons before Courtney joined the family. But the boys have completely adjusted to having an extra mom.

“Both boys really easily transitioned into a polyamorous family,” said Courtney. “They call me ‘purple mom’ and Michelle ‘blue mom’ because of the colors of our hair.”

As for the parents? They’re grateful to have more sets of hands helping out around the house.

“I’m very lucky to have both my husband and wife, Michelle and Matthew, around to offer extra help with the baby,” Courtney said. If it works, it works!

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