Marine And Wife Stunned By Baby’s Unusual Hand Gesture In The Womb

by Emerald Pellot
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Robert Charles Cooper Jr. served four years in the Marines. The Marine from Georgia did a tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, now he’s looking forward to becoming a father.

His girlfriend Meghan Merriott is three months pregnant, and when she and Cooper saw their unborn child’s sonogram they couldn’t believe it.

“We looked at it and it pulled on the heartstrings,” Merriott said.

The fetus appeared to be saluting, military-style inside the womb. The baby threw his hand up, then back down just as you would during a salute. The entire family started laughing after a moment of disbelief.

We’ve seen ultrasounds of babies that look like cars and even ones who look blessed by angels, but never anything quite like this.

Cooper’s grandfather also served, in Vietnam and the Korean War, so seeing the little tyke in the womb just spoke to the family’s military history.

“[Robert] was pretty excited given his military background. It was right around his grandfather’s birthday so it was a touching moment,” said Merriott.

The couple doesn’t know the gender of the baby just yet, but it will certainly be a child of valor.

The family plans on hanging the sonogram up to honor those who have served in the military.

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