Mom Tells Son He’ll Never Walk Again, But TV Audience Starts Screaming When They Finally See Him

by Nicoletta Richardson

There are countless stories of people getting into life-changing accidents who are then challenged by what they are no longer able to do.

Take this man, for example, who was in an awful car accident that left his lower body totally paralyzed. However, that didn’t stop him from dancing with his sister at her wedding.

On February 3, 2017, another inspirational character was brought onto The Doctors. First, let’s give you a bit of background that plays into his incredible story.

This is Curtis, a young boy who was tragically struck by an arrow in the chest, causing severe damage to his spinal cord as a result.

Doctors told his mom that he would most likely never walk again due to the seriousness of his injury. She was then left to deliver the terrible news to her son.

One night, Curtis questioned his mom as to what was going to happen to him now that he was wheelchair bound. His mother answered to the best of her ability, saying that Curtis would be able to do everything other kids do, but just… differently.

However, Curtis didn’t take that as an answer. Instead, he used it as motivation to defy the odds and become a medical miracle. And boy did he do just that, as seen on this episode of The Doctors — though you’ll have to watch the clip below for yourself to find out what happened!

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