Mom Lets 4-Year-Old Son Play Outside And Ride Bike On Front Lawn—And Gets Threatened With Fine

by Amy Paige
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Robert and Angelica Parker’s 4-year-old son Liam loves nothing more than riding his bike and scooter around the grassy patch in front their apartment complex in Long Island.

Angelica says she’s vigilant about making sure Liam doesn’t go near the cars in the parking lot or disturb other residents while he plays.

However, it seems Liam’s outside playtime may no longer be possible.

In May 2019, the Parkers received a letter from their condo association that served as a stern and unexpected warning.

“We understand that the weather has gotten nice out but unfortunately, there are rules and regulations in the bylaws … that it is not safe for kids to play on common area grounds,” the notice read.

“Please take this as a precaution measure so that we would not have to enforce the fine.”

The letter then threatened the Parkers with a $150 fine.

The Parkers read through all 38 pages of the association’s said bylaws, but they couldn’t find anything that suggested kids were prohibited from playing outside.

Now the family is making a claim of their own — and they’ve got the New York State Human Rights Division involved.

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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