Realtor Son Takes Single Mom On Tour Of House He Renovated For Work And Says ‘It’s Yours’

by Amy Paige
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Dallas-based realtor Josh DeShong spent one year refurbishing a dilapidated home. When it was all finished, the first thing he wanted to do was show it off to his mom, Vickie.

Vickie raised Josh as a single mother. He admits he was a troubled kid, but while everyone else doubted him, it was Vickie who never stopped being there for her son.

Even when Josh got into real estate 10 years ago, people continued doubting his abilities… except for Vickie.

The past six months have been tough for his hardworking mom, as Vickie lost both her mom and sister. “Today, I get to give her back something I’ve been working my entire career to be able to do,” Josh says to the camera.

Vickie hadn’t seen this particular refurbishing project in three months. Before Josh began his work on the house, it was totally run down and had all sorts of issues, like mold and poor design.

But there were huge surprises in store. Vickie was blown away by the transformation Josh achieved. As she marveled at the gorgeous new kitchen with its shiny granite surfaces and ivory-white cabinets, Josh pointed his camera directly at her.

What this amazing son revealed next left Vickie in absolute tears. You do not want to miss this!

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