Son Hears From WWII Vet Dad 70 Years After His Death!

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

Michael Campbell was one month and eight days old when his father Charles was killed while serving on a ship in WWII. Michael always hoped that maybe one day he’d be able to hear from his father — and this month, he finally got his wish.

Recently, the love letters from the World War II veteran and his wife Elizabeth were discovered by Britnee Kinard and her friends Lara Mauer and Stephanie Smith, who were clearing out an abandoned home in Claxton, GA. In addition to the letters, the box contained a Purple Heart and a marriage license.

Kinard, president of the SD Gunner Fund — which provides assistance to veterans and children with disabilities — set out to find Charles’ surviving family members and was able to track down Michael and return the box.

When Campbell received the letters and began reading them, he was overcome with emotion.

“Take good care of yourself and our son, write to me as often as possible and remember I love you so much,” Charles wrote to his wife, in the final letter before his death.

Seeing the Purple Heart and letters, Campbell finally felt at peace with his father’s loss.

“This was like giving me a piece of home, a piece of who my dad was,” Campbell said. “He was my hero and still is, even though I never knew him.”

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