Mom Says It’s Time To Pick Up Military Dad, Then Son Runs Around Corner And Right Into His Arms

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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There is no greater feeling in the world than seeing the person you miss the most.

Even if you only get to see them for a day, or even just an hour, it can change your entire demeanor.

The special person in Aronka Robertson’s son’s life is his dad. He has been away, on what one can assume is a military deployment.

One day, Aronka’s son comes into their kitchen and she starts rushing him, saying it is time to get Dad. This is a clear surprise to her son, who had no idea it was the day he’d see his dad again!

There are decorations in the house, and as soon as he sees this, his excitement triples.

Aronka tells him he needs to get changed if he wants to go with her to pick up his dad and he doesn’t hesitate for a second.

He quickly rushes out of the kitchen and up to his room.

But the surprise isn’t over! Instead of making it up the stairs, he runs straight into his father’s arms. As soon as he realizes it is his dad that he’s hugging, he is in instant tears. These videos always manage to make me cry! It’s so heartwarming to see how much this son missed and loves his dad.

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