Little Boy In Orange Is So Overwhelmed By Military Dad’s Return That He Can’t Even Move

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

We’ve seen a great many videos of military homecomings and surprises, but the little boy in the one you’re about to watch just might have one of the best reactions you’ll ever see!

In the video, a family waits while a soldier makes his long-awaited return home. Ian Gavagan had been deployed for six months in the Levant and is finally coming back to his wife and kids.

And those kids include a little boy named Sean, who has quite the reaction when his his dad comes home!

Shot at the Casement Aerodrome in Dublin, the video starts off with Ian’s wife and his daughter charging forward when they see him. The soldier barely has time to drop his bag before they envelope him in a tight, warm hug.

Then, Ian’s wife turns around to see where young Sean is. And as she lays eyes on him, she can only smile at her son’s adorable reaction to the return of his dad.

You see, little Sean — wearing a bright orange coat — is frozen and nearly doubled over, just a few feet away from his family.

It’s not until another official with the military comes over to guide him to his family do we see that Sean is actually so overwhelmed that he’s trying to hide his tears!

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