Oklahoma Residents Come Together To Feed Nearly 700 Stranded Soldiers After Winter Storm Hits

by Olivia Jakiel
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What an amazing display of community by Oklahoma residents!

After a winter storm forced nearly 700 soldiers to spend 24 hours in an airport, the people of Oklahoma came together to make sure every one of the soldiers had a proper meal and a full stomach.

“Oklahomans have the biggest heart that I know, and last night was just absolutely amazing, you know, calls and people asking ‘How do we help you?,’” Josh Ryan of Will Rogers World Airport told reporters.

“Just like when they leave for holiday block leave to spend the holidays with their families — when they come back, Ft. Sill personnel are here to collect them to get them on buses,” Josh continued.

Captain John English, who is stationed at Ft. Sill, added, “Obviously, with the inclement weather, we didn’t want to risk soldiers’ safety sending buses back down to Ft. Sill from here, and so we housed them here overnight.”

So while the soldiers waited out the winter weather, Oklahoma residents didn’t think twice about supplying them with everything they needed to get through the storm — particularly dozens and dozens of meals. Mayor of Oklahoma City, David Holt, told reporters, “It’s the Oklahoma Standard to make sure that people have a good experience here in Oklahoma City, especially people like our U.S. Army soldiers. This is not what they expected. They didn’t expect to spend the night sleeping on the floor at WRWA. So, a lot of people have rallied.”

Wow, what an amazing way to show support for our troops!

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City

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