Quadruple Amputee Shares Inspiring Message About Never Giving Up

by Paul Morris
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When SSgt. Retired Travis Mills woke up on his 25th birthday, he was horrified to find that he had lost both of his arms and legs from a terrorist’s improvised explosive device.

After he got over the initial shock, he suddenly found himself spiraling into a very dark place. The once-powerful soldier was suddenly worthless and weak. What kind of man couldn’t even open a jar? He begged his wife to take his darling little girl and leave him.

Luckily, his beautiful wife understood the meaning of her wedding vow, “for better or for worse,” and she did everything she could to help him emotionally.

But, suffering from severe depression, he suddenly saw some clarity. When Travis looked up and saw his little 6-month-old girl crawling on his chest, he realized that she didn’t care about his injury; in fact she didn’t even seem to notice that Travis was “injured” to begin with!

From that moment on, Travis began his battle against depression. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he began to work harder than ever.

When doctors said it would take about three years for him to learn how to walk again, he took that timetable as more of a suggestion. In 13 months, he was walking around again, pulling his daughter behind him!

From there, he suddenly realized how many wounded veterans need a little bit of help adjusting to civilian life.

This man is not only a hero, but he’s an inspiration to us all. With a wonderful sense of humor, he approaches life’s roadblocks as challenges.

And with the spirit of a warrior, he never backs down from anything. And with the support of his wife and baby, he’ll always stand tall.

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Quadruple Amputee Veteran Doesn't Lose Optimistic Outlook On Life

Quadruple amputee Travis Mills is funny, inspiring, and helping his fellow wounded veterans adjust to civilian life

Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, November 11, 2015