Soldier Surprises His Mother At Work In This Heartwarming Clip

Sophie Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle

When our men and women in the military come home, they usually have their whole families waiting for them, and even friends. They travel all the way to the airport to catch the first glimpse of that soldier at home.

But it often happens that these soldiers want to surprise their unsuspecting loved ones, who think they’ll be home in a few more days or so.

These surprises are always fun to watch. Many scream, almost frightened by the surprise sight of their son, daughter, husband, or wife. Most shed tears of joy, of course!

But watch when this solder decided to surprise his mother at work of all places.

He sits alone in a plaza, reading a newspaper. Several people pass by and stare, wondering why he isn’t surrounded by friends and family. It’s quite the unusual sight.

A woman in yellow enters the frame and glances at him. She stops short, clearly recognizing his face… It’s her son!

The happy mom screams, and hilariously hoists herself into his arms! She can’t let go — then, she notices the camera in the distance: this wasn’t just any surprise, it was planned and organized with others. She was clearly the only one who had no idea what was going to happen.

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